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online payment center
online payment center
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What is New Avenues lease to own?

Lease to own allows consumers to bring home a product (or several products) without having to pay the entire amount of the purchase up front. It’s similar to leasing a car, except you don’t have to worry about going over your allotment of miles! With lease to own agreements you can own the merchandise at the end of your lease agreement, own it BEFORE your lease agreement is over, or you can simply give it back.


Whats the benefit of lease to own?

Well, for example, let’s say your television decides one day… it just doesn’t want to turn on, or your son or daughter says they need a laptop for school. Immediately you’re probably thinking to yourself, "What bills do I have coming up this month? How can I fit this large unexpected cash outlay into this month’s budget? I don’t have the credit for this right now."

This is the benefit of lease to own transactions. You can simply go into a New Avenues location, or browse our website first to see what you may like, and enter into a lease to own agreement for the products you need. You can then bring the product home the same day, without having to worry about a credit check, or handing out a large amount of cash.

Leasing and Payment Options

New Avenues has flexible leasing options that allow you to lease our brand name products for 12, 18 or 24 months. There's no credit check, and all you need is a few people that will say something nice about you, and a source of income. Also, as an added bonus we offer FREE SAME DAY DELIVERY on most items. If you decide you want to own the product sooner than your original lease agreement, you can purchase it at any time, and save money doing so. There are no early termination fees and no strings attached.

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