Privacy Policy

Information Collection

We may, via "session cookies" on this website, use additional information to enhance the delivery of products, services, and information. A cookie is a small file that we transfer to customers' computer hard drives. Cookies also enable us to ensure that only a customer's web browser may exchange information regarding a customer's account with our servers. Session cookies are temporary files that are erased when customers close all web browsers. We do not use "persistent" cookies. These cookies do not contain any personally identifiable information. Our use of session cookies enables our website customers to avoid the problem of being asked to provide the same information repeatedly while customers move from page to page of the website.

No Information Sharing Policy

We do not disclose any nonpublic personal information that we collect about our customers or former customers, as described above, to anyone, except as permitted by law.

Our Security Policy

Securing of a customers' nonpublic personal information is very important to us. Our employees must sign a privacy pledge acknowledging that they are aware of our policy regarding the use of and disclosure of customer information. Furthermore, we have implemented various security measures to protect our customers' personal information from loss, misuse, or alteration. When customers send any personal identifying information to us via this website, we require that a secure session be established first, using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology supporting up to 128-bit encryption to prevent unauthorized persons from viewing any private information transmitted during through our website. Information transmitted between our server and your computer must be sent only while in a secure mode or we will have no responsibility for any loss or exposure of personally identifying information to unauthorized third parties during a secure SSL session. Data passed between the customer's computer and our servers are secured through the use of public key cryptography. The customer's computer exchanges key information with our servers to create a private conversation that only the customer's computer and our servers may understand. To benefit from SSL protection, customers must use a browser with SSL capabilities. This method of information transfer will apply when the customer is entering in personal information and for validation and verification purposes during your communications through our server and processing systems. While using this website, customers will be notified upon entering and leaving a secured session, unless the setting is turned off on the customers' browser. After leaving a secured session, any information transmitted to us will not be secure. For security purposes, we use special software programs to monitor web site traffic and to identify unauthorized attempts to upload or change information or otherwise to cause damage to our website. These programs do not collect personal identifying information about customers, but do enable us to collect information allowing us to identify website users attempting to tamper with this website. We maintain policies against the misuse, misappropriation, unauthorized access, tampering, damage, destruction, or unlawful utilization of our website and computer systems and will seek the maximum enforcement of state, federal, and international criminal and civil laws against any individual engaging in such activity. Although we strive to protect and secure information submitted to us over the internet, your use of this website is strictly at your own risk. We make no representations that we can guarantee the security of any information sent by the users of this website during an unsecured session. We protect the security of our servers but are not be responsible for any virus, spy ware, ad ware, malicious codes, or hacker activity that may result in damage to your computer or theft of your identifying information.